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Please Read This!!!

Thanks again to every one who sends in pictures, I still get out to
the newsgroups whenever I can, usually the weekends now, and search
for new ones to keep us all happy. So far so good.

If I find a picture that is yours, please ask, and I'll get rid of it.
Or be glad to add your link to my link page. I don't like banners, and
neither do most folk I suspect, so will not put one up here. I will
be glad to put your link on my link page, just send it to me at the email
address below. I do check them out, and am not especially fond of pay
sites, but will usually include them.

I have gotten a few pictures that are not pantyhose, please don't get
mad at me, but I just post pantyhose. Now I will take those suspender
hose, sometimes, because they are just pantyhose with good parts cut out. But some
folk have even griped at me about that. Can't win sometimes.
Now one of my rules is if you have the guts to send me a picture of
yourself in panthose, I'll sure post it for you. You've noticed that I'm
only posting 10 of each kind every other week or so. I'm getting a fair
amount, and there is a small delay of an update or three in getting your
picture up. Please hang in there. I'm not a professional, I goof up
sometimes. I will get to all you send. Thanks for bearing with me.

Enough of this, just wanted all y'all to know what was going on. Thanks
again to all who help by sending in photos, they are appreciated by all.
One thing y'all can help me with, I'm looking for a free chat app that's
easy to use, I thought it would be fun for us to have a place to talk
about our passion. Let me know.

Pantyhose,Pantihose,Panty-hose. I love it!

Beautiful people wearing pantyhose, ooo baby, baby!



Any comments or suggestions that aren't rude or physically
impossible, are more than welcome.

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