English Setters Rescued

Updated 05/19/02
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English Setter Rescue Information


English Setter Association of America

ESAA Rescue Chairman:

Mike Allen

14637 NW Holly Road

Seabeck, Washington 98380

Phone: 360-830-4427

Email: grnmtnpetlodge@aol.com



President and Adoption Coordinator:

Bonnie Girard

Email: esetter@nni.com

Listings of English Setters available for adoption


Florida All Setters Rescue

Rescue Coordinator:

Bonnie Foster

11661 Palomino Lane

Ft Myers, Florida 33912

Phone: 941-225-0863

Fax: 941-225-0864

Email: MegOwnsMe@aol.com


United Kingdom

English Setter Rescue Association

Rescue Co-ordinator:

Mrs. Gladys Jenkins

129 Stock Road

Billericay, Essex CM12 ORP


Phone: 01277-652095



Setters in Distress

Email: sweden@setter-in-not.de


We would like to maintain our English Setter Print Gallery and our English Setter Photo Galleries. If you have any high resolution JPEGS, PICTS, or GIFS of your English Setters in action e-mail us a copy for consideration. Please include the name of the owner, kennel, English Setter's name, titles, and a little bit about your English Setter. Our goal is to demonstrate the versitility of the English Setter.

Your questions, comments, and opinions are valuable to us.

David & Deborah Thacker
Seashell English Setters

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