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Welcome to English Setters on the World Wide Web. This site is dedicated to the betterment of English Setters through the use of information on the Internet. We hope to provide information and links that will assist users of all ages in their quest to better understand our breed.

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We would like to keep an English Setter Print Gallery and our English Setter Photo Galleries. If you have any high resolution JPEGS, PICTS, or GIFS of your English Setters in action e-mail us a copy for consideration. Please include the name of the owner, kennel, English Setter's name, titles, and a little bit about your English Setter. Our goal is to demonstrate the versitility of the English Setter.

Our English Setter

CH. Brenna Bluebird Wine OFA, BAER


Our First Cousin: Rick Reed

Meet Rick Reed:

Pitcher #31 for the Minnesota Twins

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