English Setters and Hunting

Updated 10/06/00

The English Setter is renowned for being an excellent companion for the hunter. Most of the setters used today in the field by American hunters are the Llewellin Setter. Many hunters do not even considered them to be an English Setter, but a seperate breed. The Llewellin Setters are registered seperately in the Field Dog Stud Book by American Field Publishing Company. Some hunters today are also using the Laverack, (or bench type), English Setter and finding them to be very successful in both the field and the show ring.
In England, the Setter was used as a hunter that would stalk and "set" the bird until the hunter could throw a net over both the setter and the bird, hence the name English Setter. Today the English Setter is used to locate and point upland game birds worldwide.


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