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Andover English Setters - USA - MA

Choos English Setters - USA - OH

Confettis: Setters Anglais et Irlandias - Canada

Darkenwald English and Irish Setters - Canada

Dogwoods English Setters & Salukis - USA - TN

Driftwind / Brooklin's Kennels - USA - NY

Fantail English Setters - Canada

KahenKoon Kennels - Finland

Kennel Aqualines - Sweden

Meet Kip and Sherrif - Finland

Nervana Kennels - Canada

Oakley English Setters - USA -WA

Paragon Kennels - USA - VA

Pegasus English Setters

Rivendell Kennels - New Zealand

Rockstro Kennel - United Kingdom

Rose Reflections Setters - Finland

Setter Ridge Kennel - USA - WA

SnowSett Kennels - Finland

Sobrhill Kennels - United Kingdom

Stonerun's Home Page - Canada

Sugarbush English Setters - USA - AL

Tir-na-n'Og Setters - USA

Websites With English Setter Breeder Lists


Canine Connection's English Setter Breeder Directory - USA

Cyber-Pet's English Setter Breeder Showcase - USA

Dogs-in-Canada - Canada

World Class Dogs: Breeder Listings

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