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if you have a G/K43 or any interesting WW2 Axis item(s) for sale or trade!

We are actively seeking whole collections, estates and consignments of WWI-WWII Firearms!

(10 MAY) Lots of new K98, K43 parts and a couple of K98s on links to left. More coming soon! (10 APR 16) Just back from Tulsa- what a show! Just listed several new G/K43 items, burnt G41, sporter G43, scopes, Soviet stuff, etc. Have tons of Luger mags, 1903A3, M1 Garand parts and several firearms to list, but will take some days. Also have an investment grade authentic ZF4 scope and mount posted currently on the links to the left!

(29 DEC 15) Happy New Year! Some great new stuff on the links to the left. Upcoming show schedule: Prob. San Antonio 16-17 JAN, Houston HGCA 23-24 JAN, Tulsa Wannemacher APR 16

(23 NOV 15) Tremendous finds lately! Luger mags, "duv 44 G43", AUTHENTIC ZF4 Scopes and Mounts, magazines, K43 Manual and an AMAZING Walther "Heeres Pistole" HP. Check out the links to the left- investment grade firearms!Will add a few items each day for the next several days!

(02 OCT 15) Buying trips have paid off lately! Lots of new pistols and rifles in "The Vault" to include Lugers, a K43, Kornbusch G.98, others. Also a Nambu, early G43 manual, ZF4s, "sgx 44" rivet bayonet, K43 mags and more coming soon!

(8 JUL 2015) Upcoming show schedule: Tulsa Wannemacher 14-15 NOV 2015. See y'all on the road!

(01 MAY 2015) Lots of new items on links to left to include very fine Black Widow P08, Outstanding Artillery Model and "G" Date Luger, new G43 and K98 items and a G41 action/project.

(01 JAN 2015) Hitler's Garands: German Self-Loading Rifles of WWII has sold 5,500 copies worldwide and is now out of print and unavailable. Look for an expanded, color revision in 2016! Want to help with the project or have something you think needs to be in the text? See "Contributors Wanted" link on the left!

(15 NOV 14) Just swamped post-Tulsa, posted a few items on the links, but just got popped with duty on the US-Mexico border again. Will be able to respond by email, but won't be able to ship items until 01 DEC 14

(24 SEP 14) Just arrived! New production G/K43 dark gray-black phosphate dustcovers. See "G43 K43 Items For Sale"!

(21 JUL 14) Will be on and off-line for the next two weeks due to ARNG duty at the US-Mexico border. Lots of new G43 items, two matching G/K43s, etc.

(10 JUN 14) Lots of new treasures on the links, to include an late WW2 authentic ZF4 scope and mount, sidearms, Soviet items, magazines and more. Apologize for delays in answering emails lately- swamped with National Guard, work, and spending time fishing with the kids in the Gulf this summer. But, promise, I'll respond generally within a day or two.

(7 APR 14) Just back from Tulsa and lots of great items on the Luger P08 and G43 page to include armorer's mags, new rifle parts, manuals and a complete original mid-WWII ZF4 scope, mount and covers!

(15 JAN 14) Several G/K43s, original accessories and a great AUTHENTIC ZF4 mount and scope for sale on the links at left. Really getting some good stuff in these last couple of weeks!

(20 NOV 13) Happy Thanksgiving! Will be posting a nice G43, several neat G/K43 accessories, firearms, etc. from recent buys over the next several days. also a new Mauser K98 page. Get you holiday shopping done now!

(20 AUG 13) Have been away on duty for a couple of weeks, apologize for the delayed replies. Will be up in Maine working with the Julia Auction the first week of September, then Houston Gun Show (HGCA) and then Tulsa the 2nd weekend of November. Have plenty of items that I haven't had time to list, but knocking them out slowly. Check back often!

(15 APR 13) Just back from Tulsa. Lots of nat new stuff on the links to the left to include a "Black Widow", Type 30 "Hook Safety" and others.

(05 JAN 2013) Just back from a couple of buying trips. Will be listing some fabulous items in the next week or so to include a 1904 Navy Luger, 45 box collection of WW2 German 8mm ammo, pistols, rifles and a G43. Check back often!

(25 NOV 12) Am Listing an AUTHENTIC ZF4 CAN for sale on the G/K43 For Sale link to left. Once in a lifetime chance at a real one! Just back from Tulsa and listing some nice sidearms, ZF4s, and more G/K43 parts and accessories. Happy Holidays! See you at the HGCA show at the Reliant Center in Jan 2013.

(14 AUG 12) More G/K43 parts and accessories as well as Luger P08 Items just posted!

(11 JUL 12) Just posted another fine PO8, and G43 mags. See the links on the left!

(01 MAR 12) Have some nice ZF4s and G43 mags coming this week.

(02 FEB 12) Well, the world is going to end in 10 months, so might as well get some magnificent firearms and enjoy them while you still can! Will be posting some new Luger stuff, a 1918 P08, several other pistols and a ZF4 soon.

(25 NOV 11) Just back from Tulsa and posting some real nice items all of this week, to include rare G/K43 rifles, accessories and bits and pieces on the other pages.

(09 SEP 11) Have a few new parts on the G43 Parts for Sale page, "bzz" ZF4 and a couple of new G/K43s in "The Vault". Will see you at the HGCA show in Houston next month and Tulsa in November!

(19 JUL 11) Have a number of nice scopes, accessories, and a p-block K43 for sale but have to go down to the Texas-Mexico border on a National Guard mission. Will post the new stuff upon return, ca. 08 AUG 11.

(25 JAN 11) Happy New Year! Have a number of new sidearm listings, a G33/40 and rare "bzz" ZF4 for sale. Will see you in Tulsa in the Spring!

(01 DEC 10) Recently listed a number of nice sidearms as well as new K98 and G43 parts and accessories. See Links to the left. Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday season!

Have a few new G41 and G/K43 items as well but parts and mags are starting to dry up, Have plenty of G/K43, MP44 and K98 sight hoods and rods.

(05 FEB 10) Have some exceptional guns to include Lugers, Mauser .22, and a very rare Johnson M41 Rifle.

(01 JAN 10). Have a few new firearms on both the long and sidearms pages to the left.

(01 JUN 09) Hello Fellow Collectors. I wanted to thank you all for your support this past year during the mobilization and deployment to Iraq. I am back in Central Texas trying to get everything back in order and should be fully up and running in the next couple of weeks. Please excuse the links, et al, as I revamp, reinventory and reaquaint myself with the web page, accounts and the actual inventory.

"An Encyclopedia of German Tradenames and Trademarks 1900-1945"
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"Mauser Pistolen"
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"Kunststoffe: A Collector's Guide to German World War II Plastics and Their Markings"
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"Desperate Measures: Last-Ditch Weapons of the Nazi Volkssturm"
Click above to learn more!

"Hitler's Garands: German Self-Loading Rifles of World War II"
Click above to learn more!



Disclaimer-Owners and employees of The Historical Parts and Militaria Co. do not have any tolerance for fascists, apologists, neo-nazi's, or any hate groups. Items presented for sale are offered as purely historical military or political items only. We owe our grandfathers and fathers our deepest debt of gratitude for their sacrifices in bringing to a close the most sinister regimes in the history of mankind. God bless America!
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