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TERMS: All firearms are sold in compliance with all federal, state and local laws. No sales outside of the United States or to Chicago, New York, or New Jersey-sorry. California sales are OK with proper dealer/state authorization (we are registered with the California DoJ).   All sales will be transferred via your Curio & Relic License (C&R) if eligible or to your local Federal Firearms Licensee (mailed, faxed or emailed as a .tif or .jpg are all acceptable). Shipping is a flat $20.00 for sidearms and $40.00 for longarms. Parcel will be sent to the street address only on the license provided and will require licensee signature. Payment via cash, personal check or money order via US Mail are all acceptable but all must clear prior to shipment. We cannot accept credit cards, Paypal, or CODs on the below.  All firearms are sold with a three-day, non-shooting inspection period (if you shoot it, you own it) and may be returned for a full refund (minus shipping costs) within that time if returned in the same packaging and condition as sent. All firearms should be handled with extreme care and safety and should be inspected and certified by a competent gunsmith prior to use.


WWII/Cold War French MAS36 Paratrooper Project

A neat find, includes the complete original aluminum stock, with a MAS M1936 mismatched receiver and mismatched bolt, overall about 80% blue

What you see is what you get. Will need to be properly fitted to the rear tang of the receiver to lock in place, bolt is missing extractor, no barrel, no other parts included

FFL to ship. Use this receiver as a start or add this to your own rifle. MAS36 Paras rarely go up for sale!


WWII German Hungarian G.98/40

"jhv" and 43 dated, all metal parts on this rifle match to include the bolt group. Bore VG-EX, overall about 90% blue

Sporterized. What you see is what you get, metal is fine but you'll need a stock, handguard, stock bands and lug to make correct

Really nice example to start with if you can dig up the parts needed and bargain priced!


Late WWII Japanese Type 99 Arisaka

Blue >93%, mum intact with two light gouges across, Type 99 markings on top, bolt mis-match, few small areas of corrosion, pretty nice shape for a jungle rifle.

Stock has the usual few dings/gouges, bore VG, chambered in 7.7 mm, everything functions correctly, honest vet bringback.

Nice, honest, good-looking Arisaka.


Exceptional CHICOM Vietnam-Era SKS

99% condition, 7.62x39, bore VG-EX, light import marked

All numbers match, bluing excellent, few tiny dings, original stock arsenal marked

Hard to upgrade!


Imperial Japanese Type 44 "Cavalry" Carbine

GD example, Koishikawa Arsenal in Tokyo, 95+% bluing, strong bore, 6.5 mm, hard to find, vet bring back, no import marks

Stock has jungle dings, mum lightly ground, all matching except bolt.

Nice example of this scarce carbine at an affordable price!


WWII BSW .22 Training Rifle

Decent example, vet bring back, 80% bluing, strong bore, non-import marked

Duffel cut front, missing piece of wood and front band, as well as sling stud.

Needs a little TLC, but an early one before the firm changed to the Gustloff Werke!


StG44 GSG-STG44 American Tactical

Sort of cool for display in vehicle, with uniforms, plinking, maybe reenacting, made of plastic and steel, .22 Caliber

New in wooden Box, comes with one mag, these likely won't be coming into the US any longer with the threat to imports

You'll be the only guy on the block with one of these!


Post-WWII 1945 Czech Mauser K98 Semi-Kriegsmodell

Bore VG, 80% exterior condition, import marked, Czech eagle proofed, "dot 11" and "45" marked barrel, has nice deep unit marks on butt "SYR" and #

Stock has few dings/gouges, dark, bolt and bolt parts do not match the receiver, unnumered stamped bands and winter triggerguard

Would make a nice shooter or reenactor rifle!


Resin Reproduction MP44 / StG44

Sort of cool for display in vehicle, with uniforms, on wall, etc. Look great from 3 feet away, no markings

Took them in trade, have two, lifesize, 1/1 scale, one piece, made out of some sort of resin, non-firing of course!

You'll be the only guy on the block with one of these!


WWI Rock Island Arsenal 1903 Springfield Rifle

Parkerized arsenal finish with blued bolt, .30-06, overall nice example

.30-06, bore excellent (RIA 2-17), comes with period sling.

This is an early one!


WW2 Soviet Model 91/30 Izhevsk Arsenal 1943 Sniper w/PU Scope

Excellent arsenal refinished condition, matching bolt, hardwood stock, round receiver, bore GD-VG, import marked

7.62 x 54R mm. Comes with used/period canvas/leather sling and cleaning rod, and excellent Ukranian produced 4x PU scope and mount

Hand picked by us! Ukranian arsenal put-together; but, these won't be available forever in this condition!


Misc. WWII Edgeware For Sale

K98 bayonets, fighting knives, daggers, other countries as well

Something for just about every collector!

Click on the link to the right


Imperial Japanese Type 30 "Hook Safety" Rifle

GD example, 80% bluing, strong bore, 6.5 mm, hard to find "Hook Safety", vet bring back, no import marks

Stock has dings, well used, unit marked faintly in faded red paint on left butt.

Solid piece to fill out that Japanese WW2 collection that just needs a couple of parts to complete!


Early BLM "duv 44" G43

About 70% blue, with splotches and patina, early 1944, GD-VG bore, all metal matching inside and out with milled action cover, lightly sanded mismatched stock has correct WaA214 x 2 on it, and faintly at wrist and bottom!

Repro sling, hood & rod, handguard is a darkly stained wartime laminate (not Durofol) with a chip missing between the gas vent holes on left, few storage dings, scattered splotches/patina on triggerguard, buttplate, bolt carrier, et al.

Comes with serviceable "gcb" mag. Good entry-level representative G43 for shooting, reenacting, etc.


Pre-WW2 Hubertus 16 ga Shotgun

Legit vet bring-back with "capture papers", 16 ga x 16 ga side by side, marked HUBERTUS inside and barrels "Ehrhardt Lauf" on the exterior.

Stock has few slight dings/scratches, external barrels are rather heavily pitted (poor storage), internal bores VG, everything functions, locks tight.

Should clean up better with TLC, neat souvenir, just not well cared for after the war!


Pre-WWII ERMA W.K.-Karabiner .22 Training Rifle

90% condition, bore VG, not import marked, is Crown/N marked, has original owner's name on little brass plate on side "Bernhard Bremer, Wolfenbuttel"

Excellent little pre-military trainer, stock and bluing VG-EX, unaltered except sling swivels gone leaving two little holes, missing bolt and complete rear sight assembly.

All you have to do is find a rear sight assembly and complete bolt!


Original Condition BLM "duv 44" G43

Just as the vet brought it home, all original except for repro hood, all correct, not import marked, unmessed with example of BLM production, mid-later 1944 (4450 h), great bore, all matching all the way, wood and metal components, all stock markings original and intact!

Came out of a storage unit which was last opened in 1985, very few storage dings on stock, action still has some cosmoline, scattered slight areas on parts/patina on triggerguard, buttplate, bolt carrier, and has longitudinal crack in upper handguard!

Hard to find these as honest as this these days! Comes with serviceable mag that came home with it!


Exceptional Early BLM "duv 44" G43

99% blue, early 1944, EX bore, transitional front sight base, all metal matching inside and out with e-penned action cover, extractor, etc., stock has correct WaA214 x 2, at wrist and SN at bottom!

Nice Durofol "4" handguard, stock has few storage dings, covered in cosmoline or paste wax (easily removed), internals show almost no wear and just a scant amount of powder residue- barely fired gun.

Comes with serviceable "aye" G43 mag. Vet bring back. They just don't come much better than this these days!


Early Milled Panel "ac 44" mis-matched G43

Put together G43 on original and scarce milled panel 4204c barreled receiver, GD-VG bore, has rail, wartime threaded muzzle, presents well and could be restored into a better gun with armorer's parts, better stock, etc. Reenactor/Shooter Grade as is currently.

Receiver probably rephosphated, m/m carrier reblued/buffed, original wartime stock sanded (WaA214), handguard is plastic repro as is buttplate, hood, rod. Original safety lever broke, repaired/altered, functions but should be replaced. Comes with wartime "gcb" mag.

Has potential to upgrade, or reenact or shoot as is!


WWII Savage NRA MATCH .22 Training Rifle

GD-VG example, 85% bluing, strong bore, hard to find training rifle patented in 1917

Stock has dings, and only other flaw is missing rear sight (easy find/fix, 2 screws).

Nice piece to fill out that US WW2 collection!


Early Walther "ac 44" G43

Nice G43, not import marked, early-mid 1944 (4622 h), great bore, all metal matching inside and out, blue about 90+%, unsanded stock has heavy coat of wax or cosmoline still on it, not serial numbered, marked WaA359 on left x 1, and faintly at wrist and bottom!

Repro hood & rod, believe handguard was lightly sanded, few storage dings on stock, and a couple of deeper scratches on bottom, scattered slight wear on parts/patina on triggerguard, buttplate, bolt carrier.

Comes with serviceable "gcb" mag


Soviet WW2 SVT 40

Nice representative piece, bore FR/dark (should clean up some), all match except mag, Tula 1942 dated

Stock has few dings/scratches, couple of USSR arsenal repairs, light sand, import marked.

There aren't any more coming in!


Japanese WW2 Type 38 Carbine

Early 6.5 mm, GD bore, mum intact, adjustable rear sight; just as the vet brought home.

Stock has few dings/scratches, wood solid, all match escept bolt and dust cover.

Better than most Type 38s!


Winchester WW2 M1 Carbine

.30 Caliber, 90% exterior condition, BSA arsenal refurbished. Mint bore. Flat bolt. Lever safety. Early type magazine catch. Adjustable rear sight.

Stock has few slight dings/scratches, phosphate mag about mint (not shown), Blue Sky Arlington marked barrel, wood is clean and solid.

Winchester made M1 Carbines have always been among the favorites!


WWII "jhv 44" G.98/40

Hard gun to find, bore VG, 80% exterior condition, all markings intact, non-import marked, laminate stock

Stock has few dings/gouges, mismatched bolt assbly and bands, stock, triggerguard, rest all matches

A solid bring-back that would make a nice entry-level 98/40 for the collection!


WWII Remington Arsenal 1903A3 Springfield Rifle

Parkerized arsenal finish with blued bolt, .30-06, overall very nice example

Nice original stock cartouches, bore excellent (dated RA 9-43), comes with period web sling.

Hard to upgrade!


Late WWII Japanese Type 99 Arisaka

Blue >85-90%, mum ground, Type 99 markings on top, bolt mis-match, late welded-type safety, few small areas of corrosion, not bad for a jungle rifle.

Wooden buttplate, stock has the usual few dings/gouges, bore GD-VG, chambered in 7.7 mm, everything functions correctly.

Nice, honest, good-looking Arisaka.


Vietnam-era CHICOM Type 53

Probably saw Viet Cong use, made 1960, has that brown, abused jungle look

7.62 x 54R mm, overall only fair, bore fair, buttplate loose, appears to all be there

It ain't pretty but would look great as part of a NVA/VC display and probably safe to shoot...probably


Near Mint Last-Ditch ac45 K43

Near mint condition, all correct, not import marked, unmessed with example of the very last K43s produced at the end of the war. All of the late features- mixed phosphate/blue, no rail, no sn's anywhere on bolt group, stock or gas system- just receiver, only test fired, bore and bolt group just as it left the factory!

A very few storage dings on stock, action still filled with cosmoline, scattered slight areas on phosphated parts/patina on triggerguardand then on buttplate, stock has the typical late chattermarks and all of the proofs, no SN on stock, just WaA359s and WaAC10!

Near impossible to upgrade! Excellent phosphate mag that came home with it! This is as good as they get and would be the prize of any WWII German collection!


WWII Walther K43 "ac44"

Metal 95%+, all matching, comes with nice "awj" mag, gas system pristine, late, milled rail, barrel is nice and has the Neuengamme "N" proof, desireable late "milled panel" K43 from the KZ.

Vet bring-back, duffel cut, bolts inside stock (nice job), stock had a little wood taken from the wrist bottom, no rod, hood, dust cover, action cover shows a little more wear.

Exceptional metal overall, hasn't been fired much, worthy of restoring, stock could be repaired if talented or replace!


Pre-WWII Mauser Model Es240B .22 Training Target Rifle

.22 single shot, heavy barrel, near mint except some surface rust/oxidation on buttplate, even has the original factory stamped and formed sight hood!

All parts are matching and proofed as shown, EX bore, 95%+ exterior condition, not import marked, stock has few slight dings/scratches but all original and not sanded or refinished.

Just a neat little HB .22 target rifle made to pre-war standards!


WWII German "dot 42" G 33/40

Blue 80% and in the white in some places, seen use, stock dings and gouges, mismatch/incorrect 98 bolt, some pitting on the sideplate, few other small areas of corrosion.

Bore GD+, not import marked, unrestored, everything functions correctly, all seems correct save bolt, not the nicest 33/40 out there, but a nice hard to find example for your collection.

Rare mountain carbine that has been there, done that- just as the vet sent home!.


WWII Remington 1903-A3 Sniper Rifle

Ready for your Lyman Alaskan or Weaver 330 scope and rings, markings positioned correctly, phosphate excellent!

Wood in fine condition, RIA EB marked, bore excellent (RA 3-44), .30-06, phosphated Redfield scope mount.

Nice example of later war gun!



Very Scarce Johnson M41 JSAR .30-06 USMC

All match, all correct, not import marked, unmessed with example of Melvin Johnson's innovative design made by Cranston Arms and as used by the USMC

VG-EX condition, a few storage dings on stock, a couple of the phosphated parts/areas have browned a bit, but this is a very fine, un-messed with rifle!

Even comes with original WWII sling and non-matching bayonet (no scabbard though). About as nice a M41 as you will find! All original WWII!


Exceptional CHICOM Vietnam-Era SKS

98% condition, 7.62x39, bore VG-EX, not import marked- may be a bringback?

All numbers match, bluing excellent, few dings, original stock arsenal marked

Hard to upgrade and all original!



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