Please sketch the markings and stamps as they appear on your rifle in the illustrations provided above


Dear Fellow Collectors,

My first book, Hitlerís Garands: German Self-Loading Rifles of WWII has been in print for over seven years. Since that time, a number of interesting topics, photos and rarer pieces have surfaced- enough so that it is probably time for an in-depth revision. My intention is to publish a three-part series, with each book around 400 pages. The first will cover the early German self-loaders in more depth and then culminate in the G41W and G41M. The second will cover the G/K43 rifle (manufacture, variants, prototypes, et al), and the third will hone in and expand upon accessories, fakes, optics and sniper variations. To assist me with this, I would like to start essentially from scratch and re-compile and re-analyze the data concerning G41, G43/K43 and ZF4 variations and markings. Below you will find some important questions. Please print this form and fill out the fields as well as you can, to include sketches of markings on the illustration. For those of you who are hesitant to provide serial numbers, the first three digits will suffice but the proper suffix is imperative. For your help, you will of course be credited in the contributor section (unless you prefer not to) and when in print will be given a discount on the new books. When you have printed and completed, I would prefer that the form be mailed to:


W. Darrin Weaver,

HPCo., PO Box 69, Eddy, Texas, 76524, USA.


You may print, complete and then fax as well to 1 (419) 710-1266.

I sincerely appreciate your time and assistance!




Rifle Type (circle):











Serial # and suffix:




†† Markings Left:

ac†† bcd††† duv††† qve

Date: _____________

WaA (circle):


†† Markings Right:





†† Receiver Type:

Machined smooth (1)

Machined panel (2)

Rough forged (3)


†† Receiver Finish:

Blued††††††† Phosphated

Guide rails:†† 1or†† 2

Scope Rail:††† YorN

Notch in rail: YorN

†† (G41 only):

Scope mount notches:

Yes, below rear sight

Not present







Bolt Carrier:





†† Finish:

Blued††††††† Phosphated




†† Type:

Early, machined

Early, forged, no rib

Forged, with rib

Late, no h/o latch

†† Handle:

With cover plate

Without cover plate



†† Serial Number:


WaA (top): ________

WaA (left): ________

Reverse 45 (late ac)?











†† Serial Number:


Numbers stamped

Numbers e-penned


†† Other markings:





†† Type:

Early, no rear cut outs

Late, with cut outs








Action Cover:





†† Type:




Blued††††††† Phosphated

†† Serial Number:

Yes††††††† No

e-penned†††† stamped

WaA: ____________


†† Dust cover type:

Early, G41, auto

G43 stamped, auto

G43 stamped, altered

K43 stamped, manual






Rear Sight:

WaA?: ___________

Location of WaA?:













†† Type:

Noticeable step

Straight taper



†† Finish

Blued††††††† Phosphated

Describe markings:



†† Muzzle:



Latch present for nut?

Yes†††††††††† No






Front Sight Base:

Ramp Serrated

Ramp Smooth

WaA?: ___________

Blued††††††† Phosphated






Gas System:





†† Gas Cylinder:

Early, crimped, blued

Mid, phos., no holes

Late, phos, with holes

Serial number: _____

Gas Piston:

Carbon Steel

Stainless Steel

WaA? ____________








WaA right butt:_____

WaA left butt: ______


Laminated beech

†† Bottom:

WaA?: ___________

Serial number: _____

Wrist WaA? _______


†† Hand guard:


Laminated beech


WaA or SN? _______

†† #s/dates stamped in

wood under buttplate?


wood near scope rail?


†† (G41W)

Dark black-br. plastic

Brown plastic

SN or Markings?:


Front band:

WaA? ____________

Blued††††††† Phosphated

Serial Number (G41):







Rear band (G41):

WaA? ____________

Blued††††††† Phosphated

Serial Number (G41):







Butt plate door:



(G41) BP Markings?:








Blued†††††† Phosphated

WaA? ____________

(G41)Mill.†††† Stamp.

(G41) WaA/SN? ____








Please feel free to note, write, or discuss any remarks or peculiarities on the reverse of this survey.

Sketches always appreciated!




W. Darrin Weaver, HPCo., PO Box 69, Eddy, Texas, 76524, USA.

FAX: 1 (419) 710-1266.