The classic reference for the G/K43 series, in print and in stock:

Hitler's Garands

German Self-Loading Rifles of WWII

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392 pages, jam-packed with 590 illustrations, to include never-before published wartime photos of the G.41 and G/K.43 rifles in use. The first ever reference book devoted solely to the German self-loading rifles of WW2. Examples of just some of the information provided:

Brief discussions of the early and pre-WWII German self-loaders, to include examples from Mauser, Walther, and others.

Chapters discussing the Mauser G.41(M), Walther G.41(W) and the Soviet Tokarev SVT series.

Thorough discussion of the G.41-G.43 transitional models.

Chapters discussing year-by-year variations, manufacture in concentration camps, production numbers, improvements and modifications.

Lengthy chapters concerning authentic accessories (slings, pouches, butt trap contents, indirect-fire and illumination devices, scopes, mounts, optical accessories, as well as many others.

Chapters discussing the G/K.43 in the sniper role: the selection process, successes, failures, production numbers, examples of authentic matching sniper rigs, scopes, mounts, sniper training, etc.

Thorough chapters concerning post-war use and variants (such as the Czech vz. 43, Brazilian M.954, etc.), detecting fakes, and the correction of long-standing literary and collector misconceptions.

In-depth summary pages outling markings, variations, and production statistics for every G.41/G.43/K.43 manufacturer by code and year


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