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Paradise Island

Endangered Species

Save the Great Cats

Paradise Island Help


  • 15 tiles per animal
  • 20 max per exhibit
  • 60% fresh water, 20% dirt, 10%savannah grass, 10% sand, no rocks/foliage.
  • No shelter
  • Work better when added to a hippo exhibit, but guests like them alone, too.
  • Lots of poo, have a zookeeper assigned, especially with smaller exhibits.


  • 20 tiles per animal (turn on the grids (Ctrl G) and count how many tiles in your exhibit. Two animals =40 tiles or more.
  • 3 max per exhibit
  • 80% saltwater, 20% dirt, a few rocks (use smaller rather than larger), and place 4 water reeds to each tile until you get sad faces. THIS MAKES A BIG DIFF IN THE RATING.
  • Lots of poo, have a zookeeper assigned, especially with smaller exhibits.
  • Crocs like privacy, try not to have too many paths around their exhibit, even if the walls are solid.


Endangered Species Scenario

1. Get rid of everything inside the zoo walls and you'll get a truckload of cash at the beginning of the game (lots of trees).

2. Set research to max funding for the endangered species, or use the endangered species cheat

3. Turn off animal research and research animal fertility after you've got the Okapi, so that when you've got your pairs, they'll have a higher probability of reproduction.

Can't keep guests happy? Check out tips on guest and animal happiness..


Saving the Great Cats Scenario

  • Starting out. Bulldoze everything on the map when you first start (That's an extra $11,000!)

  • Fencing. Build exhibits along the zoo walls to save money on fencing. Start with chain-link fences (they're cheaper) and upgrade if/when you start rolling in cash

  • Animals. Put in your leopard and cheetah first (they like lots of room). The Siberian tiger and snow leopard can be challenging and expensive, so use existing terrain heights for those and have enough cash before you start those exhibits to keep them happy.

  • Generate Cash. Add an animal theater, compost building, and carousel to generate cash - set your admission price at about $19 to get people into your zoo (you need some serious quick cash in this one!)

  • Using Cheats. If you want to cheat, use the cheats for the animal shelters and endangered animals to get rock caves (which many cat species prefer) and some cat species you need. You can also get a little extra money if you name an exhibit Microsoft -- it will receive double donations.

  • Staff. Use restaurants to avoid having to pay for extra maintenance personnel and have enough zookeepers to keep animals happy.