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My name was Aries befur I came here but it's now Little Orphan Annie an I am about 7 monfs old an I got real sick an the hooman that I had befur took me to the TED an when the TED fixed me up they said they didn't want me no more an to send me to da spirit werl, so I ended up in jail.

Now I asks ya is dis ennyways to treat a dog. Den dis man came in to the TED to pick up his dog who was berry sick an as dis dog was walkin by me he kinda looked at me strange an came ober to see me. His human said "Hey Butch come on let's go home". Wail dis dog just kept on lookin at me an woofed, "Hey what ya in fur" an I tole him cause my hoomans didn't want me. He said dat I was gonna be needed at his den. I didn't nose what he was woofin bout at the time but I was to find out. Wail dis hooman came ober to get Butch an I jumped up on the jail door an wagged my tail really hard. Well dis sucker hoomin started to pet me an went into his pocket an pulled out a Treat. WOW a hoomin dat keeps Treats in his pocket, he must be a angel. Wail he left an der I was still in jail but least I had a Treat. Da next fin I nose dis hoomin came back in to da jail an opened up da door an let me out WHOOOOPIE.. I gots to ride in his truck an went to his den, you'll neber beleaf how menny dogs dis hoomin has. Wail he put me into dis room til a lady hoomin came home an she wanted to knows all bout me, when she found out she said I could stay. The next day I didn't nose what was up cause I was back at the TED, didn't stay long dough cause I just went back to have my gurl parts removed. My hoomin was berry sad when he picked me up an I found out dat Butch went to da brij. Da moosic ya hear is Spirit in the Sky fur my furiend Butch dat I only knowd fur a day but he saved my life, fank you Butch. Now I nose what he meant when he said I would be needed, I guess I'm the dog that Butch saved an it means a lot to my new hoomins. Dis is what I look like out of jail

I'm told I'm mostly Brittany Spaniel wif maybe a little Ausie frown in, what ya think.