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I am Terry Scoundrel an I was found by Miss Sheila out in the road an wood've pawblaby been road kill but she picked me up an I live wif the Wild Bunch. I had lotsa education here, as a puppy I learnded how to kill Woobies furst off

an Woobie killin is lotsa fun. Then my bestest furiend in the hole werl came to live here, Truth. We learnded wrestlin furst thin an we pawracticed an pawracticed all the time I let Truth beat me sumtimes (Truth) Oh ya I can beat ya enny times I wanna.

I also has the task of makin shore dat no dog gets cheated when it comes ta foods cause I is the amount inspekter an I check every bowl sept I can't eat nuffin yet.

When day is dun, food checked an Woobies killed Truth an I settle down to a well earnded nap