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I'm the new kid in town Cool Myst also known as Miss big feets an if you think I look like miss-chief you would be rite. Mom an me is da bestest of buddies but my best dog furiend here is Stoney. He has taken me under his paw an made sure da udder dogs didn't mess wif me. I don't care what dey woof bout Stoney he's my buddy. Hey Dad how come I don't hab no pawretty colors on my cyberden yet, maybe it's cause ya think I'm pawretty nuff dat I don't need it. I've gotted da honor of bein da best trash dog here, cause ifn da trash is down it's mine an I can be berry selektive bout what I take out of da trash also cause I only take out da food stuff.

Here is Priss in one of her good moods an she is eben lettin me share dis bone wif her.

Dis is a pawretty good pawlace fur a dogf to end up. When I furst came here I was eber so skaired of all da animules specially da liddle Mini Horses dat runs round in da back yard wif us sometimes. Now I get up an try to steal der Treats. Now dat cow in da big out I don't wanna get up close to her cause she looks mean. I can't beleaf dat she puts her head on Dads shoulder to get neck skritches, what's up wif dat. Why give cow skritches when ya can give dem to a dog. Wail I'll sniff ya later.


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