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Yup dis is me Cupid an as ya can see i'm in da front cause I'm da leader of da pack. I can gets way wif ennythin here cause I'm Mama Sheila's dog an ders nuffin Dad can do to change dat. After I go to our out in the mornin I get to come in the den while the udder dogs have to stay outside.

(Stoney) Well dats only cause we wanna an we're not sissy dogs an have to be inside all the time. Sides ifn the weather's bad we come in also, so yer nuffin special.

(Cupid) Oh yes I am just ask Mom she'll tail ya. I was da furst Sheltie here an I was picked out by Mom fur her special dog an I follow her round all the time an even get to sleep on the bed more den the udder dogs. I love to sleep on my pillow til Dad comes to bed and takes it way furom me sayin it's his. Dad one time put out a picture sayin he was Mom but eben a human could figure out it was Dad, here's da picture.

I have 2 Wink*Winks on the internet, Jessie an Shadow (who is at da bridge) who lib in Alburdy Cannadog an dey is da most butiful GSD's in da werl, fur you who don't knows what a Wink*Wink is dats a dog furiend of da opposite sex dat ya can take wif ya to cyber pawties. I did hab anutter Wink*Wink Queenie who I will lub furever who is at da brij. I am also da author of da Cupid Chronicles an ifn ya wanna read bout my pawrevious lives as udder dogs just click here.

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Here I'm gettin told by Pookey, that's Mom an Dad's granbuppy, that I'm spendin to much time on the pooter. Ya see those cards on da pooter desk wail those is the Kissmoose cards we got in da mail furom our internet furiends. Watt I love best is beggin fur T*R*E*A*T*S an pooter time. Oh by the way did ya pawget to click the Cupid Chronicles above, wail I'll give ya another chance click the beggin Sheltie below and to the left to read the Cupid Chronicles.

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