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That's me Fancy in the back an I'm wif Priss, Amigo an Magic. Yup dis is a berry scary picture an it's da biggest b*th tub in da werl. As ya can see Amigo ain't to happy bout gettin his paw wet. I am co-champion of da WSWF (Werld Sheltie Wrestlin Federation) wif Priss The Pest. We all da time runrunrun an wrestle eachudder to the ground. Priss is faster den me but I'm lots smarter cause I can figure out where she's gonna be befur she nose where she's gonna be an I get der befur she does. Der ain't nuffin better den pawlayin less it's, wail guess der ain't nuffin better den pawlayin. 

Ya nose what's scary, it's listenin to cryotes, we hab dem back at da creek an dey scare me, pawbly cause I spent da nite on times hidin furom dem. I fink I'm one of da smarter Shelties dat live here cause I can usually figure out thins like when the hoomins is tryin to sneak sumpin to eat befur most of da udder dogs here sept maybe Myst.

Dis is sumpin ya ain't gonna see berry often an dats me restin cause most of da time I'm in constant motion. Hey Shy I hope my butt don't stink to much. Oh ya do ya see dat chewed up corner of da cedar chest dat Dad built at da end of da water bed wail I didn't do it, hey Stoney tail dem who did it.

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