Honarary Wild Bunch Members
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This page is dedikated to all those dogs livin fur way butts have a Wild Bunch attitude. Ifn ya wanna be a Wild Bunch honarary member send us yer picture an why ya think you qualify. We, the Wild Bunch case you was wunnerin, will boat an see ifn you qualify.

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Mandy is a new Corgi that Miss Julie dopted furom doggie jail an when Mandy got to her new den Miss Julie was a bad human cause she gave Mandy a b*th. Mandy pawbably thinkin she needed to show Miss Julie who was Alpha had an escape an went down the street an rolled in dirt. Now we don't think runrunrunin way furom a human is a good thin butts rollin in the dirt is.

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Duncan The Destroyer (left) and Ginger The Alpha Bitch have made dis list thru no fault of there own. Ya see that couch they is layin on is a replacement fur the leather couch they ate cause their Mom, Miss Nancy, didn't give them nuff raw hides. Ya just can't spekt cute innocent lookin dogs like these two to go wifout raw hides now do ya. Duncan an Ginger we whalecome ya wif open paws.

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Ok we nose what yer thinkin, yer thinkin dis is a ccccat, wail we have been tole dat Opus here finks he's a Blue Merle Sheltpee. Wail we ain't petjudice so we will add him to the list. Here ya see Opus wif Jolie's Mr Hedgehog, he steals it an tries to kill it an has eben been caught humpin this woobie. Now the way we looks at it woobie stealin is bad nuff butts woobie humpin dats sick speshully fur a ccccat er we means a Blue Merle. Sorry Mr Opus butts we ain't gonna sniff ya later.

This is Kandee, U-CD Marchwind Royl Executive Sweet CDX, ASCA-CD, NA, NAJ,
CGC.  She's 8 years old going on 6 months.  She eats 6 foot leather leads but
leaves the clip so I'll be sure to wonder where it came from until I start
counting leads.  Her latest one was just last year.  She also scrounges in
the trash cans if there's anything she thinks is interesting - everything
from Q-tips to trashed socks.  She likes to stick her nose in our shoes and
push them around the closet.  Dog food bowls have to be put way far back on
the dog table or she pulls them off and eats Crakers' next meal (his food has
to be softened slightly so his tummy doesn't have to work too hard on
digesting).  The thought of incoming food causes immediate and total brain
death when we're training.  But she's one whiz bang agility dog and she's
kept me and a lot of others laughing for 8 years.  I think she is very
deserving of the title of Honorary Wild Bunch member. 
Wail us Wild Bunch dogs fink Kandee deserves to be an onnery Wild Bunch member also. Enny dog dat kills ebil leashes is okey dokey in our book.

I am Loki! Buppy of Mischief! I was being born Lucky, but the stoopid
peeeeples that were having me left me in the Coolrado outsides fer many
moons of my buppyhood cuz I made dem sneeze. Den dey gave up on me and gave
me to da Denver Dumb Friends league. Dem peeeeples was nice to me. Dey put me in a little cave with a big window sos I culd look out at da peeeeples dat came by. I was in dat cave fer days and days an no peeeeples wanted to look at me.
Den on a Sunnyday, dese VERY nice peeples came to see me with der peeeples buppy. Dey was the first of a LOOOOONG line of peeeples dat wanted to see me dat Sunnyday. Dey took one look in my BIG brown eyes and said dat I had SOOOO much mischief in dem dat I would be called Loki. I've been Loki evr since. Dose nice peeeeples became my new Mum Tracey and Da Buddy, and I loves dem very much. It was tough at first because all I had fer pack was ccccats, but I learned quick.

Y'all needs ta check out Jackie Lynn's cyberden cause as she woofed "a dog's life is great at Jackie Lynn's world". So check her out at http://www.geocities.com/celiat.geo/ . Oh ya dat's Dani Jo in da udder pikture, puts sum meanin ta Yippy yi yo kiyay where we is just yippy.


Ya see Lady n I (Baylee) would like to apie to be onorary Wild Bunch members.  I am gonna send you two pictures of us.  Da first is of me n Lady.  She is purdy good now but wen she was a pup like me (I is 10 months, Lady is 4 years old) she chewed up sum u Ma's naturalizer shoes!!!  She also chewed da zipper on Joels (one of da kids here) winter coat when all da coats was sold out!  I also killded da wallpaper I ripped up when da hoomins wasn't payen tention to me.  Now day have to redo da hall below da char rail.  Lady also takes ma tweets when I is playing wif da kids.  She donut get caught too much.  We lub da hoomins here n day lub us too!  Oh da last picture is one of me en Mas Shirley Temple composition texas ranger doll from da 1930s!!  Ma taught I would look cute wif her but I wasn't gonnna cuddle up ta no doll.  Sides she bigger dan me and scare me a wittle.

Hey Baylee ya needs ta kill dat Doll cause it looks like a Woobie ta us

Wail eberry ship needs a needs a captain an da Wild Bunch ship is no sepshun. So we is yappy ta add Rocky to our clan as an honarary Wild Bunch member. He's a rescue dog whose den is in Nodern Furginny. Can ya magine sum human frowed him way, stooopid human. We fink ya look dapper in yer shadpow.

I may look sweet, but don't turn your back on me. Last Saturday Mommee put me in the back yard and I barked at the fence until the neighbors' rat terrier got so excited she stuck her bitty head under the fence and got stuck.  Mommee and the neighbors had to dig her out with a garden trowel and left a hole in their yards. Then she went and plugged up my hole so I can't get out.

Here's a pic of me lookin inocent whit da shredded papers in da background Here's a pic of me lookin inocent whit da shredded papers in da background.         Buddy

Me name is Deputy Aspen and I am a 9 yr. old Australian Shepherd (Aussie for short) who is involved in doggie sports but now I am a senior my Maw has put me in Veterans and I still jump the regular height, just use to it I guess..........just gittin ready to do some practicin' far the spring trials, gotta one more leg to git far me Veterans Advance Jumpers title...it's inna the bag.....woooooooof

My name is Forby an as ya can see I'm a liddle puppy. Now what makes me an honorary Wild Bunch dog is cause all puppies likes ta has funfunfun an I ain't no diffurent. I has dug myself a nice hidin pawlace in my out. I love ta chew stuff an chase evil Pawsums wif my furiend Brody. Wail I plan on habin a great life cause I gots a sucker human

Us shelties are the owners of Pam(mom) and James(pop) Mathews.  We would like to be long distence wildones.  Mom lost her BC, Spikey May 30th after he got the hemolytic anemias and was just not able to fight it off.  Her sheltie rescue friend aunt Jan found most of us for her real
fast.  Spikey saw how unhappy she was from the bridge and sent us to her to help make her happy agan. Bobby came first in June.  I just dont member to much of my old life cause I was hit by a truck, they tell me.  I was in a coma for almost a month and had a broke leg and head.  The
vet assist lady woldnt let them put me out fer good and i came round and got back to the lady who bred me.  She kept me till Spikey said i was needed at moms.  I was glad to finelly get to my real home, all those other dogs was mean to me sum times at tha breeders.  Shannon was next
to come for good.  There was some foster girls in the meen time but they had ther real homes waitin for them and was jsut passin thru.  Mom spotted Shannon on Kim Fikes web page.  She looked so lonely in tha pictur that mom started to cry and emailed Kim and Shannon came to live
here.  That made two blue dogs.  Bobby is on the floor and Shannon is on the couch.  It took Shannon awhile to be comfortable on the couch and bed.  Mom kept puttin her up and she kept jumpin off but now she will jump up and even sit on me if I be in her way.  An I am the alpha dog
here, I was first.  She dont pay me no mind if I gerr at her either so I dont bother.  She was in foster care 7 months for she came here but mom said she knew she was home when she came thru the door.  Mom was so happy christmas mornin cause Shannon get the courage to give her first
kisses.   Sammy came next and is he ever the pest.  Hes the oldest an will be 9 in 2 months.  But he thinks he's a puppy.  Always playin and takin stuff out our special door.  He taught us all how to play.  We had lots of stuffed toys but didn't know whqt they was for till he showed us.  Not we play all over the place and even squeek them on mom and dads heads to get them up.  Sammy was deepressed when his other people left him to go to over the water.  He had lived with them for 8 years and then they didn't want him.  He came to live with ant Jan but the other dogs esp the big lassie dog picked on him caues he was such a pest.  He got stitches over both eyes for stickin his nose where ant Jan said it shouldn't be stuck.  He got the stree and lost his hair then. Ant Jan
said could he come live here till he had a forever home and mom said sure. Ant Jan new this was that home but pop had said 2 of us was nuff.  That change when Sammy came.  He is pops especal dog and pop calls him wingman cause he always follows pop round.  Mom said he should
be Puck but he was name after Beer what ever that is.  His real name is Samuel Adams.  Pough came next.  Mom went to pick up Bank stuff for the PACK, a group ant Jan started for rescures to network? but ended up pickin up Pough and rushin her home.  We thought she was gone to the
bridge but mom took her to the vets and after lots of srugers and medicines and stuff she is doin fine and runs and plays with the rest of us.  She eats all the food though and even tries to eat ours but mom wont let her.  I haf to gerr at her all the time now to make her leave my food alone.  She helps Sammy keep the copters and c130's from landin on our roof,  they run and chase them when ever they try it.  She helps Shannon drive the rain away and helps me with that vacum thing.  Mom sais we are the furry gang but I think we is wild bunch material.
Yours Truley
Bobby, Shannon, Sammy and Pough Mathews I am the blue on the  floor, Shannon is the blue on the couch, Sammy is the little pest on the floor and Pough is the half neked one on the couch.  Mom siad her hair will grow back but they had to shave lots of it for stiches and drains. Oh oh gotta go and help chase that copter away. Later guys

It is our honor ta add Henry Edison (above) rescue Sheltie to the ranks of an honary Wild Bunch dog. As ya can see above Henry is doin his Antatomy studies on Woobie guts. He has also been known ta attack the sucker mashine an killed his human John's slippers. Pawresently he is goin ta bedience skool butts he has tole us it's only fur the TREATS.

My name is Molly. My mom an dad lick to call me Mad-eye Molly sumtimes an I think ya can tell why frum my pitur (tho my hoomins say it has sumthin ta do wif sum books about muggls an a hoomin named Hairy Potter -- I don nose, I don even nose what books taste lick). My mom sez she licks my brown eye beter but my dad an I nose she is reely drawn to my blu one.


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