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Ok I nose dis looks bad an awl butts I didn't do nuffin, I didn't tear up da toilet paper honest dad. I was just walkin by a seen it like dis. Enny body dat nose me knows I wouldn't do nuffin bad. Oh ya by da ways ifn ya habn't figure out who I am den ya habn't been to sum of da udder dogs pages, I'm Black Magic Woman aka Magic. Dad an I are good buddies an where eber Dad is you will usually find me. No I ain't no Border Collie, ifn ya don't knows bout Shelties I'm what dey call a bi-black Sheltie an I'm da cutest dog here. I ain't fraid of no dog here either.

(Priss the Pest) Ya cause Dad always keeps his eyes on ya so we don't beat ya up. Magic yer a whimp.

Dad Priss is ritin bad stuff on my web page, Dad'll fix her, wail Dad ain't ya gonna do sumpin. Guess he'll do sumpin later.

Here is some food Cupid an I was eatin but ya see Mom wasn't home so I stole the plate away furom him so I could eat da food all by myself. Ya see ifn Mom ain't home I can do dat, I just wish da food wouldn't fall on da floor, wail no mind cause it won't stay der long. 

I got me a Wink*Wink also, ya see Shy an I share Fritzel.


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