Minnie Mae
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(Evelyn) Hey Minnie Mae what ya say we both get in der an get sum goat meat huh

(Goats) Hey you two come on in here ifn ya think yer baaaaaaad. Ya think butt sniffin is fun well we think butt buttin is fun

(Minnie Mae) Evelyn yer gonna gets me into truble, I just wanna get in der an lub dem goats cause I lub babies. Now den geese ober der is sumpin else. Oh hi Dad just lookin out fur yer stock.

Hi ebery body Minnie Mae here, ya I knows I ain't too crazy bout da name either but ya see my hoomin befur here gave me dat name an I loved her but she went to pick up sum dogs at da Brij so I live here now. Don't gets me wrong I lubs it here but Priss an Fancy is da biggest pests in da werld. When I go to the out they bof gets on bof sides of me an barkbarkbark an sumtimes Stoney gets in der also. Ya knows sum times I just get tired of you snobby Shelties, ya think eberythins gotta be fur you. 

Hey Dad I knows yer changin all da pictures but could ya leaf my picture up wif me on da cage. Ya see now dat I'm gettin old I'd like to wemember when I useta be able to jump dat high. Ya nose gettin old ain't no fun an i wunner who thought up dis age thin dat fur eberry year old fur a dog add 7, wail I fur one thinks it's a hoomin thin an I ain't gonna add nuffin to my age.

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