New Life
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The Sheltie Rescue Telethon page bringin new life to Shelties

Maxie saved by Pam and Sheltie Rescue, without funds the Maxies of this world would be no more please donate

Megan, new Sheltie rescue in Middle Tennessee Sheltie Rescue

Megan 11/2 03 leaving the Vet's to go to Ann Acuff to start her heart mending

Cocoa whose only problem was she had a stupid human. Hit by a car and left for a day without care



Zach when he was hurt


These are three pictures of Truth's mama. The first picture is of her as Rose when she got into rescue and the next picture is of her with a new name, Buffy playing with an Aussie. The last picture is of a happy dog. You gotta love rescue

This is Hope, born in a puppy mill without a working anus. Surgery has fixed that and now the Hope is she finds a forever home worthy of her