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Wail we woofed wif da Kissmoose Sheltie an da Kissmoose cow an we just wanna sends y'all our witches fur a great an YAPPY Howladays. Now we has an in wif Santa cause Cupid werks fur him dis time of the year an we hasta tail ya dat there is a Treat shortage an sum of you dogs ain't gonna get the Treats ya wanted.

(Hey Cupid yer gonna drop off all da Treats here ain't ya. Great wheel make sure an save ya sum fur when ya gets back furom yer trip wif Santa. Wail dats ifn ders gonna be enny left)

To all da hoomins out there we wanna woof franks fur makin our year a great one by makin us feel yappy ta nose ya an fur sayin such good stuff bout us.

To all da bandoned dogs out there walkin round an fur all the abused dogs out there we wanna hope an pawray dat sum day soon you will find a great furever home an dat you to will be able ta sleep an snore in a warm house like Evelyn is doin now. (EVELYN STOP YER SNORIN CAUSE WE KAIN'T CONSENTRATE).

We also wanna tail ya dat stead of sendin out Kissmoose cards dis is our Kissmoose greetin an we is gonna send green papers to Sheltie rescue cause we is lazy an dis seams like an easy way out.

Ya we nose dat the background ain't kissmoosey butts ya see we live in Texas an what does we knows bout snow an dis is country likes where we lives so get ober it.

Ennyways da Howldays wouldn't be da same wifout Miss Melanie Horne's Kissmoose story so we will puts it here ta save ya furom goin to the story page.

The Wild Bunch

Once upon a time there was a little dog without a name. He had no name because there was no hoomin around to love him and to give him a name. He wandered through woods and alleys looking for little scraps to eat. He never knew what t*r*e*a*t meant. Once in a great while he would find berries and gently nibble them off the vine for a special taste. Winter was coming and it was very cold. He heard howling in the distance.
 "Could it be?" he woofed quietly. "Does some doggie want
to play and sing and dance with me?" asked the little dog.
The little dog followed the sound into the woods but what he found was a strange group of animals that were not quite dogs and they growled and snarled and ganged up on him. They tried to bite him. The little dog was so astonished that he burst away with all his strength and ran away as fast as his four paws could carry him. Night was falling and the poor little pup was so cold. He looked for a place to rest his weary head, but was too weak to go any further and fell to the ground exhausted. He lay there shivering and trying to go to sleep but he kept hearing noises in the dark. He wanted to see what it was but felt his eyes closing. And just before he fell asleep, he saw a beautiful Moose lean over him and kiss him gently on the nose and cover him with
leaves. When morning came, the little dog found himself on the doorstep of an old farmhouse. He could smell the Moose around the porch steps so he knew the Moose had brought him there. In just a moment, the door of the farmhouse opened and two hoomins came out and saw the little dog. They exclaimed in hoomin words the little dog couldn't
understand but they hugged him and kissed him and brought him into the house. The house was warm and smelled of wonderful foods. The ladyhoomin put a bowl down full of good things to eat. That night, the little dog slept in a warm bed with toys and a full tummy. And the Kissmoos whispered quietly to the little dog from far away, "you're home now".
Every year, the Kissmoose visits all the doggies everywhere and makes sure they have good things and when he finds a doggie in a cage, he whispers to a hoomin, "Go save the little dog from the cage". And he always gives each dog a gentle kiss on the nose.

1996,2001 Melanie Horne. Permissions must be explicitly granted by author
for repost or publication'