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We wish these wuz weenie links butt it's links to our faborite Cyberdens

s_freak2.gif (14229 bytes) Click the icon to see sum bootiful Shelties, and thank you Sheltie Freak for the bootiful graphics.

Wild Bunch Faborite Pawlaces                      Dad's Faborite Pawlaces

Cupid Chronicles last time we ask you            Odin's Castle (great history site)

Black Dogs                                            ZDTV

Korbie's den                                         If yer like dad an can"t spell

Spock Ambasidog                                    Our ISP, VVM, Thank You

DogTalk Cyberden                                   Our Friend The Vixxxe

Kismet's den                                         Doctor Bob                

Scoutie the Troutie                                 Scott & White Hospital This is not da hoomins

Ok this is the last time                             favorite place it's were they work


Krew of Dalmania                                

Wolf & Fritz

Schwartzes & Fritzel


Rainbow Bridge

Merlin the magical Sheltie

Malcolm's cool Dog Xmas story

Sue's Graphics thank you for the background on the non Sheltie pages

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