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Wail ta makes a long story short an we don't wanna hear no short jokes, we is two liddle Chiwowow pups. We is arfened cause our Mama went ta the bridge the day afner we was bornded, what the heck is up wif dat ennyways. Wail this lady dat lives here at the Wild Bunch house had been talkin to this lady, cause dat's what hoomins does we udderstand, bout gettin a Chi pup fur her daughter fur Kissmoose cause dats what she wanted. Now da Shelties dat lives here was wunnerin what was up wif dat but we guess dat she didn't wants no loud mouf dogs. We can woof ta ya dat dey is loud mouf also cause eben befur our ears opened up we could hear dem barks barks barks. Wail when our Mama died we guess dis breeder lady fingered dat dis sucker lady (Sheila) wanted pups sews she tole her bout us and dis sucker lady tooks us home. Our Mama was a long haired Chiwowow an our Daddy is a long haired Chiwowow so eberrybody finks we is gonna be long haired Chiwowow's. Now our home fur now is a glass house cause we needs ta keeps warm an we has dis light on us, duz ya nose how long yer day is wif lights on ya all the times. Ennyways dis is usus in our house

Now we hasta tail ya dat we is habin ta eat furom a bottle now as ya can see me, Xena eatin furom dis bottle. Mom said dat I can be a pain when I eats.

Now Cleopatra (Cleo) loves ta eats an den when she gets dun she likes ta snuggle up in a blankie wif just her head stickin out while I lubs ta lay on my back


Wail it's times ta go get some sleeps now sews has a grape day

(Xena) Hey you are old an wise Mr Rusty can ya gives me sum vice on life
(Mr Rusty) Ya neber eber takes nuthin fur granite. Ya think all is cool and the next thin you knows yer out in the cold. Ya think ya has pawlenty ta eats an the next thin your standin on a scale. Ya thinks yer loved an the next thin, well never mind bout that liddle one cause we think yer at the right pawlace
(Xena) Now who does I hasta watchout fur in The Wild Bunch
(Mr Rusty) All pends if yer talkin bout food or tensions but none are to be trusted. Ya see that one there well he can't hear so ifn he bite ya too hard he don't nose it. That one there well her bark ain't loud butts she has a terribull GRRRRRRRRR. Dat one ober there, he's just crazy, an that one there ya hasta listen fur her cause when she barks stop ennythin yer doin bad an look sweet cause Dad's on da move.
(Xena) Wow yer so smart, ennythin else I otta knows
(Mr Rusty) Ya you needs ta chew on shoes an socks an udderwears
(Xena) WHAT, how come
(Mr Rusty) Don't knows why it's just spekted of us dat awl. YAWN well I'm gettin tired now
(Xena) YAWN ya me too. Ya nose it's kinda funny butts when yer a puppy ya sleep lots an when yer old ya sleeps lots.
(Mr Rusty) Well it's pawblaby cause we is bof close to doG, ya see you was just made by him an soon I'm goin ta see him.

                 The Spirit of the Light

As the pups sleep in their bed the spirit of the light gives them warmth to comfort their frail bodies. They snuggle under it's radiant heat as the spirits of those that have passed into the night watch over them. Sleep tight little ones for yours shall be an adventure that we will live no more, we shall live our lives through you.

They sleep, not a worry in the world, they don't know why but they know that all is right with their world and that for them there will be a tomorrow and new adventures to live, Yes sleep on little ones.