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I'm Rhythm an I'm what dey calls a double merle Sheltie an dat's cause my Mama an my Daddy was bof merles. Don't I looks sweet, wail don't you beleaf it cause I am trouble. One thin is that I'm deaf an dat's a good thin cause I can't hear myself bark. One bad thin is that I can't hear no dogs go GRRRRRR, it just looks like they are smilin at me. I never ever gets to go to the front out only to the dog run an that's cause I can't hear my humans call me but that don't mean they don't talks to me cause they do all the times with their hands. What does a human need to say to a deaf dog you may ask, wail in my case it's NO, all the time NO. It don't make no difference though cause I always has my eyes on the humans an I never get to fur away from them. Most of the time I'm walkin round them cause that's what I do. Now when I goes to the dog run me an my brudder Rhyme plays all the time an sumtimes we play so much when we come inta the house I think to myself, hey I furgot to poop so I bark again to goes out an then Rhyme an I play sum more an we furgets again. Here's a pikture of Rhyme an I playin 

I'm not tall nuff like Evelyn to counter surf so we undercounter surf.


Oh ya I almost furgots ta tail ya my favorite thin in the whole werl to do an that's ta kill Dad's shoes. I has killed so menny I has lost count an here's a pikture of sum of them.