Mr Rusty
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Wail dats me in front of my new Mama. in front of me is Cupid, da wihte dog is Rhythm wifout his berry noisy head an dats sum udder dogs butt. I am 14 whelp years old an my pawrevious human dumped me in a kill Shelter, now isn't Shelter a funny name toa call one of these pawlaces.Ennyways I came to this den the day of the doggie picnic, yup they had a picnic fur a bunch of other dogs here an dey came furom far way also. What does a 14 year old dog do ennyways ya might ask. Well we do sleep lots like below

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We gives lots of lovin an we love ta hug, now what's rong wif dat I hasta ask ya. I think I'm gonna love livin the rest of my life here cause I has lotsa human lovin an these dogs don't bodder me cept to play bow, ya nose when a dog bows in front wif der tail waggin. Anutter good thin bout an senior dog is when we goes to the out ta do our bussyness we don't runrunrun round pawlayin an furgets what we went to the out fur, huh Rhythm. Miss Cheryl I wanna woof franks fur gettin me outta doggie jail an findin me dis den to live in. I shall always wemember ya butts ya didn't hasta give me dat b*th ya nose. Well (YAWN) I hasta takes a nap butt furst I wanna pawlay wif my tenny ball fur a while. Hey Dad will ya throw it fur me huh.

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