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I am Little Shycago an I'm Dad's best furiend, I'm da one closest to da door an I'm wif Cupid. When Dad got me he paid lots of green papers (money to you hoomins) to get me way furom dat bad man. I was neber eber round menny hoomins befur an I was fraid of dem til I met Dad. Ya see he held me an let me nose I was special so slowly I stopped bein so shy. Now I gots to tail ya I can make my self invisible ifn I wanna an sometimes I do but I will come out an check out ennybody dat comes into our house cause ya see I've got to bark at dem. I have a special pawlace I stay most of da times an it's on Dads side of da bed unless I'm wif Dad layin down next to da pooter. I don't hab menny adbentures like da udder dogs but I do hab a Wink*Wink dat I share wif Magic, he is Fritzel an he udderstands bout my shyness. I kinda act like a truble stopper here cause ifn enny dog starts to GRRRRR I usually go up an lick dem in da mouf, ya see I just hate to hab fights an I hate to hear Dad yell cause it makes me nervous. Hope ya enjoyed readin a liddle bit bout me an hope ya hab a grape day.

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