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I am Stoney dfkab2db (Dog Formerly Known as Bad 2 Da Bone) yer pawbably wunnerin why my web page is black, wail I'm in mornin fur my sweet Wink*Wink Sparkel pictured at da bottom of da page, ya see she went to da brij an I miss her so. Her star shines bright in my skies.

(Amigo) Hey y'all don't feel to sad fur Stoney cause he's da biggest pain in da butt here.

(Stoney) Hey I didn't get on yer web page an say bad stuff bout you now did I.

(Amigo) No cause der ain't nuffin bad to say bout me

(Stoney) Ya sure. Wail ennyways as ya see I lub to herd dem goats round an ya knows what no body had to teach me cause I just lub to boss thins round. 

Y'all knows bout my lub fur Woobies wail here is me an Trailer an one of my faborite Woobies, wail dey is all my faborites. No Dad ya can't have it cause all ya do when ya gets one is frow it an ya spekt me to bring it back to ya. Knot on yer life I ain't gonna.

Ya wemember when I had my neuterin wail dis is what I wore an dats cause dose collars ain't kool but a straw hat now dat's kool an ya knows I gotta be kool.

(Magic) Hey hows come Stoney has so menny pictures on his cyberden. Hey Dad what's up wif dis ennyways is ya showin faboritism or what. 

(Stoney) Get ober it

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