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My name is Sugar but you can calls me Sugar da Slut, no I ain't no husky I'm named dat cause I love every body da same no matta what. Dats me above wif skinny liddle Fancy on of da truble makers here. My faborite thin is to have tensions, enny kinda tensions I can get eben brushin. I'm the onliest dog here dat likes to get brushed, I lub to get my tummy skritched an specially just in fron of my tail. I guess ya could say I am ober weight but ya better not woof it to my face cause I'm not phat I'm fluffy. When I get up stairs to get on da deck I eben hab to get a runin start. Now I don't wanna hear nuffin bout no die-yet either furm you hoomins cause most of ya ain't skinny either.

Now fur some reason most of da dogs here think it's kool to tack me an bite my neck furs, now above is Magic an she thinks it's kool to try to hump me. Wail I don't think none of dis is kool but when ya gots a reputation of bein a sweet dog ya gots to take it but Mom an Dad don't yell at me when I've had nuff an go GRRRRRR at dem.

Now I gots to tail ya I don't hab no Wink*Wink an ifn yer lookin fur someone fluffy to pawty wif I'm yer babe.

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