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Well It's bout time I gots my own cyberden, Fantasy AKA Tassy case you was wunnerin. How'd I gets ta come to this den ya may be wunnerin wail I'm gonna answer ya. Ya see my hoomin lost her house an she node bout The Wild Bunch an asked Dad ifn I could come an live here, wail what's one more was Dads answer. I useta live in the outside all the times at my udder den but not no more cause here all the dogs live inside, cept when we goes to the out to do our bussyness stuff.

(Cupid) Ya all should hear Tassy bark, she donna has no bark cause sumbuddy stole it. She opens up her mouf an only a berry quiet bark comes out. Da furst time she barked here sum of us kinda lookd at her kinda funny cause we, bein berry vocal dogs, ain't neber heard a no bark bark. How can ya skair anutter dog when yer barker donna werk, wail Tassy does it by showin us her teefies an dat'll keep ya way but she is a berry good dog an donna does that berry often cept to Rhythm an we all does this to the pest.

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Hey quit makin fun of my bark, I kain't help it ifn the TED stole my bark at my other den. As you can magine we has funfunfun here cause there's all kindsa thins to do an all kindsa animals to chase an pawlay wif. I has fun wif all the dogs here but I mostly bark at Rhythm & Rhyme cause they do nuffin but runrunrun an chase eachudder all the time in the out. Otta ba a law bout all that chasin an tail pullin.

My fur when I came here was kinda in bad shape but it's lookin much better now an ya nose livin in the den is a good thin.

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