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I'm Trailer da grouch an I walk round here goin GRRRR all da times cause I found out dat dog leaf ya lone ifn ya do it a lot. I don't start no fights just go GRRRRR an nobody bodders me. 

Rite now I'm da onlyest one dat knows how to get outta da dog run an da hoomins habn't figured it out yet, it's only a matter of time. Dey figured out dat I was gettin in da big out (da pasture) by crawlin under dad's werk shop so I finger dey'll figure dis one out also but til dey do I'm havin fun.

Like Myst I also like trash an one time I useta get into Noel's trash an one day I was walkin round as pawroud as could be chewin on dis thin til I found out it was one of Noel's condom cathaters, yuck.

dcp00088u.jpg (16554 bytes)

Hey what's up wif des old pictures Dad, ya needs to take some new one of me an put in here. Hey Dad GRRRRRRR. Ok I'm sorry it ain't good to GRRRR at da hoomins dat feed ya.

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