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I'm Yogi da Chiwowow dat lives here an I gots to tail ya it ain't easy livin wif big dogs. Cupid gives me no wespect most of da time as ya can see, I got back at one of da big dogs though cause I peed on Magic da udder day, good thin Dad didn't see it. Do ya knows what happens to a liddle dog dats in front when da door gets opened to go out, it ain't a pawretty site I gotta tail ya, all four legs straight up in da air still movin. Also when the hoomins throw treats to us dogs, ya knows ifn dey try to hand feed sum of us fingers would be lost, wail none of the food gets to my tall. Greedy pot licker big dogs gets it always so the hoomins is nice nuff to always give me sum ifn Stoney don't steal it furom der fingers. Don't think fur a minute though dat I let des big dogs rule ober me, neber happen cause I GRRRRR wif da best of dem. I eben fence fight wif da Rottendogs next door an ifn sum dog gets in my space I'll chase dem off. I get to go out front wif Dad lots of da time, like he has a choice cause I sneak out when he goes out der.

I gots me a Wink*Wink also an her name is Belle an she is a bootiful Dalmation. Hey Priss do you hab a Wink*Wink

(Priss) I could ifn I want one but I don't

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